It started with “NO you can’t get your nose pierced!”

Rowyn’s journey with Mental Health had been a challenge since long before we met, but recently the struggle had turned into an epic battle.  I had considered a dog prior to our discussion about piercing body parts but when I was stretching for a distraction I blurted out “Let’s get a dog!”.

After a lot of research, some very generous support for our go fund me campaign, and puppy proofing the house we found Sammy and brought him home.

Sammy was born July 7th, 2017 (his zodiac sign is Cancer) and we brought him home on September 3rd, 2017 (our 1st Wedding Anniversary).  He farted the whole drive home, and we discovered quickly that we did not puppy proof the house.

With the help of friends and family we have been making our way through being new puppy owners, and with the help of some great dog professionals, we have been training Sammy in the basics of Service. We all have a long way to go.

If you are interested in Sammy’s Facebook and Service Dog Journey you can Link HERE

So that brings us to this blog…

We have laughed, cried, been very angry, and had a few surprises as new dog owners, so the three of us decided to make a blog with reviews, advice and some fun. A lot of the location information will be for the Kelowna, BC area, but we will review locations when we travel, and we will share whatever other great dog stuff we can.

We are not experts so don’t make important decisions based on our information alone, and feel free to send us your links, advice, and questions, but hate mail will be discarded.  Let’s be friends!


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