Sammy’s Reviews

Ready to Be Cute
Ready to Be Cute

This page will be used specifically to review locations, products, etc.

Sammy and his owners will collaborate on the reviews.

Our System will be 5 Stars with higher scores being the best.

We can only give you information from our personal experience and are not experts so please use any information from our site wisely and always consult a professional especially on issues of health and safety.

Our Rating System:

5 Stars = Excellent

4 Stars = Very Good

3 Stars = Average

2 Stars = Poor

1 Star = Terrible

For Locations:


  • Status: Off-Leash, On-Leash, Wild Zone
  • Location: City Central, Suburbs, City Limits
  • Any Safety Concerns

Amenities: Water Sources, Drinking Fountain, Benches & Tables, Shade or Weather Cover, Tools, Clean up stations, Bulletin Board, Perimeter Pathway, Nighttime lights, and Garbage Bins.

Enclosures: Quality Fencing, Multiple Zones (Age or Size), double-gated entrance, over All Cleanliness, Adequate space, ground cover & vegetation, and interactive features.

Interactions: over a series of visits owners and animals will have a variety of interactions, we will try to comment on the overall feel of the park each time we visit. *Founders or Donators plaques

Lastly, we ALWAYS leave each place we review at least a tiny bit better than we found it so we will share our activities in the hopes of encouraging others to be supportive of these spaces also.



Dog Park Good Karma

At each location we review we try to improve, clean, or support the location in some way. Since we take Sammy to a park almost every day this means we often do a little something while we are there. If you would like to help support these spaces but don’t have the time to go help out in person please feel free to make a donation and we will make the effort on your behalf. Please send us a message if you would like your donation to go to a specific activity or location. Thank You For Your Support.




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